Matt’s Exercise Videos

“To enjoy the glow of good health, we must exercise”,  Gene Tunny

Welcome to Dr. Matt’s stretch and exercise video page.

Matt’s videos are here to help all my patients get more out of your home maintenance. Here you can learn how to proficiently maintain your healthy body.  Find helpful tips on how to stretch and strengthen your neck, back and quads. Also included are core, work and posture videos and we often add new ones.

This video demonstrates a simple gluteus medius and minimus stretches.

This one demonstrating a simple back extension and core strengthening.

This one is demonstrates how to strengthen your quads or thighs

Here we show a safer way to do crunches – without actually crunching.

This one is for upper back and shoulders.  Your neck may enjoy this one too. Do these anywhere.

This Video for the entire back.  Modified downward dog. I call it a wall dog and you can do it anytime anywhere.

Three neck stretches that are easy to do anywhere.

another strengthening video for your neck.

Ok, who slouches at work or while getting lost in Facebook? Work/desk posture

Core stability exercise


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