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ON YOUR FIRST VISIT… here’s what to expect
…you will be welcomed into the relaxed, warm atmosphere of our Medford, Oregon office and asked to fill out some basic paperwork.
After your paperwork is complete, Dr. Matt will carefully listen to you describe your symptoms, and ask you a series of questions related to your specific condition as well as your overall health and lifestyle.
He will then perform a thorough examination, similar to a regular medical examination in some ways, but focusing largely on spinal alignment, posture and range of motion, muscular tension, individual spinal joint flexibility, as well as orthopedic and neurological testing when appropriate.
This combined information will help Dr. Matt to decide what the problem is and how he can help you to get well and stay well.

ON YOUR SECOND VISIT… here is what to expect.
Dr. Matt will give you a “report of findings,” in which he will explain four things:
• your diagnosis
• how he can help you
• approximately how long will it take to both get you out of pain
and prevent your problem from returning
• approximately how much your care will cost
If you have health insurance coverage, he’ll explain what your insurance will cover and what your financial responsibility will be. Treatment plans usually involve an initial frequency of from one to three times a week, and decrease as your condition improves, as determined on periodic re-exams.

After your second visit, routine treatments with Dr. Matt take approximately 30 minutes, a little less as you improve and need less attention. If you are receiving massage also, add 30 to 60 minutes.



It’s designed to get you out of pain as quickly as possible, using state of the art, gentle low force chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic deep tissue massage, and exercise therapy.
Many of our patients experience welcome pain relief within the first several visits. Some take a bit longer, depending on the severity and duration of the condition. The biggest thing to remember here is that your “pain is the tip of the iceburg”, and when it’s gone, it doesn’t mean the problem that was causing the pain is gone yet, and if you stop care before correction of the underlying cause of your pain and symptoms is achieved, your pain will usually return eventually.

This involves correcting the underlying cause of your pain, by continuing to correct any remaining tight, fixated spinal joints with a variety of gentle adjustments and mobilization techniques that are right for your body, as well as continuing to release and re-educate any remaining tight, overworked muscles or weak, underused muscles with massage, home stretching and toning exercises, postural coaching, and spinal core stability reeducation exercises.


This phase is not for everyone, and you know if you’re the type of person who wants this level of care. If you’re a prevention-oriented person who flosses your teeth, gets yearly medical checkups, tunes up your car, or changes the oil in your car to extend the life of your engine, then this phase of care will appeal to you.
It involves continuing the lifestyle changes you’ve already implemented in phase 2 that got you feeling as pain-free and healthy as you do now. This includes periodic preventive maintenance or wellness checkups and adjustments, designed to fine tune your spine, nervous system and musculoskeletal systems, to help you stay optimally healthy and to prevent your symptoms from returning. It also includes continuing with a maintenance level of stretching and toning exercises on a regular basis, and committing to maintaining them as a part of your lifestyle. This effectively helps you prevent health problems in the future, as well as feeling a greater sense of well-being and energy in your life. You just may add years to your life, and life to your years!
In Dr. Matt’s report of findings he’ll also address any concerns or questions you might have. Before any treatment begins, it’s vital that you completely understand, are comfortable with and accept the recommended treatment plan. You’re them ready for your first treatment. This second visit generally takes about an hour. Add 30 to 60 minutes if you are getting a massage.
Heating pads and deep tissue massage that warm and relax stiff, aching muscles before chiropractic adjustments.
A range of gentle, low-force and traditional adjusting techniques allowing Dr. Sheehan to help everyone from the most rugged individuals to the most sensitive and delicate patients safely and comfortably, from newborns to seniors.
Microcurrent electrical stimulation increases the rate of tissue healing, decreases pain, without any uncomfortable electrical sensation.
Natural, effective allergy elimination using N.A.E.T., which is an acupressure technique which removes the cause of sensitivities quickly, painlessly, and non-invasively, as well as affordably.
Custom-fitted arch supports to help stabilize your spine, legs and feet.
Modern chiropractic care effectively treats a wide range of health problems: headaches, spine, neck, arm and leg conditions, pain and stiffness, T.M.J. (jaw joint) dysfunction, arthritis, worker’s compensation and auto accident injuries… and more.
Dr. Sheehan also works closely with the medical community. If your condition requires, he’ll refer you to the most appropriate practitioner.

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